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Quartier juif de Budapest - L'action des Mardis hongrois de Paris évoquée dans le New York Times

"But this is only part of the story. Some months ago a French government bureaucrat named Jean-Pierre Frommer, hearing about efforts to protect the Jewish Ghetto district in Budapest, petitioned for signatures supporting the effort in an open letter to the news media in Hungary. He told a Hungarian literary journal that he was shocked when his gesture provoked anti-Semitic reactions, even though most Jews had long left the neighborhood for the 13th District or elsewhere.
“The fate of something that is important to all of us is at stake,” Mr. Frommer told the journal, Elet es Irodalom. “What Hungarians should understand is that this is not just an issue for the Jews, but an issue for Budapest, for the country.” He was referring to preservation of the neighborhood.
Except that Hungarians lobbying to preserve the Ghetto district insist that anti-Semitism hasn’t been a problem for their effort at all. To the contrary, they said the other day, the real trouble comes from developers, several of whom are Israelis, in cahoots with district politicians. It was coincidental, they maintained, that all the core members of their preservation group happen to be Jewish."
L'article complet sous le titre "Simmering Anti-Semitism Mars a Vibrant Hungary" dans le New York Times du 7 mai 2008

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