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10 % pour les politiques et les autorités

Selon une étude publiée en octobre 2005 sur le site levego.hu , des promoteurs auraient révélé que 10 % de leurs coûts allaient à la corruption des politiques et des autorités. Cela expliquerait bien des choses.

"Those who will privatize or „develop” have clear financial interests while the public or the experts have mostly immaterial values to protect like cultural heritage, genius loci, silence, a wish to rest in the park or to rear children happily or to be able to afford cheap public facilities.
• In private conversations with developers in Hungary, several of them admitted to representatives of the Clean Air Action Group that about 10 percent of the cost of a new development is used for bribing politicians and the authorities.
• The Annual Report of the Hungarian National Security Office for the year 2004 states that a large part of the money laundering in Hungary is done through real estate developments…
It seems that now only massive and urgent international protest can save at least the remnants of the historical Jewish quarter of Budapest."

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